More than 15 years living in Spain and 10 years on the cycling scene as a rider, director, coach, or collaborator has provided me with a deep understanding not only of cycling in Spain but profound cultural awareness.

As a sport director I have worked with cadet and junior teams and have had the pleasure of leading a U23 in every type of race and terrain from downtown crits, to the prestigious Copa de Espana, as well as stage races which have taken me to unheard of pueblos all while driving manual shift junk heap vehicles, often times alone, passing bottles with one hand and shifting with the other, dropped riders drafting and hanging on to my car, the radio crackling and distracting,’ commissaries whistle blowing; fining and reprimanding me followed by trips to the hospital to find riders with broken bones, calling family to break the news about the son or brother in the emergency room, managing the budget at roadside truck stops, seemingly endless hours of driving in the empty landscape of La Mancha, broken a/c, overdosing on coffee and pinching myself to stay awake, hotels that are not hotels but youth hostels with bunk beds and army barracks style group showers, almost never speaking English.

Total immersion. Total commitment. Always 100%.

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